040: How to Build Wealth for Families over 4 Generations

August 21, 2019

For many families, the wealth-building process is one that crosses several generations. It’s just not always easy to keep everyone on the same page. However, the benefits of building on family values and past lessons is a huge advantage that family businesses can tap into. Jamie Townsend is an advisor who recently completed his designation in the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) program, which focuses on helpi...

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039: How the Charitable Giving Niche is Underserved by the Industry

August 07, 2019

How does charitable giving factor into wealth management? How can you help your clients pursue their charitable goals and earn great financial returns? Today’s guest has mastered helping clients balance their finances with their values—something that most financial advisors aren’t doing because they’re not taking the time to even understand their clien...

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038: Compliance for Insurance Advisors How it Can Help You Run a Better Practice

July 24, 2019

Compliance has a bad rap in the financial services industry, but today’s guest has a unique perspective. Now a compliance officer, he actually started his career in the financial services industry as an advisor, so he understands exactly how compliance affects—and can even improve—your business. He’s also passionate about helping advisors run their own independent practices while staying compliant.&...

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037: Transitioning your Financial Advisory Practice to a Fee-Based Model (Without Losing Revenue)

July 10, 2019

The conflicts of interest within embedded compensation models are well known, but how can you actually get away from it and maintain a stable and comfortable revenue stream? Today’s guest mastered his business’ transition to a fee-based model, and he’s on a mission to share what he’s learned with other advisors.  Adam Chapman is a native of London,...

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036: How to Successfully Prevent Clients’ Biggest Mistakes around Estate Planning

June 26, 2019

Estate planning can cause rising tensions within a family. It’s not necessarily that people don’t know what needs to be done (though that can be an issue, too); it’s that the decisions are emotional and often difficult to think about. So how can you make the process as painless as possible for your clients and h...

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