032: How Wealthy People Approach Building Wealth

May 01, 2019

Everyone wants to build wealth for their family, but so many investment portfolios have nothing to do with clients’ lives and the goals they are trying to achieve. Too often, advisors just sell financial products without looking at the actual needs of their clients. Today’s guest is an expert in creating a good financial planning foundation for his clients’ investments.

Gregg Filmon is the Preside...

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031: Keeping your clients happy while navigating transitions in your business

April 17, 2019

You’re a pro at helping clients handle change in their financial plans, but how can you navigate major transitions in your own business? As an entrepreneur and advisor, you have to continue to give clients excellent service even during times of change; today’s guest is very familiar with this professional challenge.

Jim Greenwood is a Managing Partner at Blue...

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030: Delivering what you charge for: How to earn your clients’ fees

April 03, 2019

You can promise a lot as a financial advisor, but do you always provide the value your clients are paying for? Today’s guest, Dean Trudeau, thinks the key is as simple as setting out clear expectations ‒ and then making sure you meet them.

A Certified Financial Planner, Dean began his career in the financial services industry in 1987. Over the years, he has served as Principal of Horizon Financial Services, S...

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029: Setting yourself apart with an unbeatable client experience

March 20, 2019

When it comes to building a successful wealth advisory business, most advisors have the planning and one-on-one relationship side down pat. But what they’re often missing is the business know-how and the ability to systematically build a great client experience. Today’s guest has not only done this as a successful advisor himself; he’s also dedicated his career to helping other advisors build better businesses.

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028: Estate Planning in Accordance with Clients’ Values

March 06, 2019

An effective financial advisor does more than help their clients prepare for their own futures: they also help them allocate their assets in accordance with their values. Today’s guest is here to share how he helps his clients live by their values, from setting their goals to planning their estates.

Sterling Rempel has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Twenty years ago, he f...

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