008: Helping people manage their finances in alignment with their values

May 02, 2018

Today's guest is David O'Leary of Kind Wealth. His story shows that it’s possible to make a difference in the world through financial planning.

In cliché fashion, David’s life was transformed after a trip to Africa. His ensuing soul-searching led him to quit his Bay Street career on a quest to effect positive change. Currently, there are three levers David is pulling to make a dent. As Director o...

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007: Increasing clients clarity and confidence with goal-based planning

April 18, 2018

At its core, financial planning is about helping clients use their resources in a way that will effectively achieve their most important goals. This means that goal-based financial planning is a natural choice for advisors who want to ensure that their clients are having their most important needs met.

Today’s guest is an experienced advisor who has a keen understanding of goals-based financial planning. Etha...

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006: How to compete and win in the Canadian HNW segment

April 04, 2018

In order to succeed in the financial advisory field, you need to be able to identify your own niche and keep abreast of larger trends in your field and how they might affect you. Today’s guest is an authority in the financial planning industry who understands the importance of clearly defining your own niche and scaling your firm using technology.

Jason Pereira is a Partner and Senior Financial Consultant wit...

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005: Predictably Growing Your Practice With Systems, Tools, and Referrals

March 21, 2018

We’ve talked about creating an advice-centric practice, articulating the value of financial advice, pricing and structuring your services, and conducting your first client meeting. Now it’s time to think about how you can use systems, tools, and referrals to predictably grow your practice.

In the conclusion of my five-part series with John Page, Chairman and Chief Adjudicator of the PlanPlus Global Fina...

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004: Conducting Your First Client Meetings in a Way to Maximize Conversions

March 07, 2018

Once you have a client in your office, what do you do with them? You want to convince them to engage you as their primary advisor and use your services if possible, but you also want to identify and weed out bad clients.

In the fourth episode of my five-part series with John Page, RFP, CFP, RFC of Wealth Enhancement Academy, and Chairman and Chief Adjudicator of the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards, we&rsq...

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