017: Successfully Growing a Practice with High Service Standards

September 05, 2018

Building your own practice can be a delicate balancing act. You want to give your clients the best service possible while also expanding your client base and making enough money to cover your own needs and expenses. Today’s guest understands what it’s like to grow a business that does both: maintains high standards for serving clients and benefits from meeting those standards.

Jamie List is the co-found...

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016: Why Starting with Financial Planning Builds Trust Quickly (even with Skeptics)

August 22, 2018

Financial advisors ask their clients to place a large amount of trust in them. When you’re advising someone about how to manage their assets and investments, they’re entrusting you with their future and with their security. To advise your clients effectively, you need to build trust first. Starting with financial planning lets you builds trust quickly.  


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015: How to Find Your Ideal Clients Without Relying on Referrals

August 08, 2018


In order to be a successful financial advisor, you need to be able to find and acquire the clients who are right for your practice, service those clients, and manage your business efficiently. That can be harder than it sounds, especially for new advisors or for those who have hit a plateau in their growth. Today’s guest provides coaching services that are aimed at helping financial advisors manage their practices in a way that ensures they...

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014: The Secret to (Profitably) Tackling Complex Financial Planning Situations

July 25, 2018

As a financial planner, you become accustomed to seeing certain types of financial situations over and over again. However, some clients have very complicated and singular financial situations that can prove challenging. For example, planning for elderly parents brings out unique challenges. Business owners often have more complex tax situations. Expats who retain investments in their home country may have a tangled investment situation. Today’s guest kno...

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013: Harnessing Technology to Bring Clients from Prospect to Policy

July 11, 2018

Insurance is an important part of financial planning and wealth planning. Technology can help insurance brokers more effectively bring useful products to their clients, which can in turn help those clients maintain and protect their wealth. Today’s guest understands how cutting-edge technology can help advisors streamline processes, manage tasks, and discover unexpected efficiencies. Most importantly, he recognizes the importance of maintaining a human to...

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