024: Structuring the Perfect Family Office Practice

January 09, 2019

The comprehensive services offered by family offices have traditionally only been available to high-net-worth individuals. But today’s guest, Marc Lamontagne, was determined to offer full-service fee-based financial planning to the emerging affluent ‒ folks who may not be millionaires yet but who have some investable assets built up. In this episode, you’ll hear how he built an accessible yet profitable family office practice into Ottawa's largest f...

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023: How to Differentiate Your Independent Practice from the Big Banks

December 19, 2018

Because many people mistakenly believe their money is safer with big banks than with independent financial planners, it’s important to show clients the benefits of a more personal touch. Today’s guests had a vision for differentiating themselves from bank-owned financial advisory firms. They saw a conflict of interest in a profit-obsessed industry and set about creating a practice that would remove that conflict and center the client experience.

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022: Practicing What You Preach as a Financial Planner

December 05, 2018

When an individual seeks out financial advice, they want to know that their planner has more than just the expertise needed to help them with the numbers. They also want to know that they can be fully understood without being judged and that their advisor walks the talk and knows what it’s like to track and manage cash flow. Today’s guest understands that desire and believes in practicing what she preaches to her clients.

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021: How to Measure Client Progress Effectively (Even If Markets Decline)

November 21, 2018

The biggest reason for clients to seek out financial advice is that they want clear answers to the big questions in their lives. This is especially true when the markets are volatile or take a downturn ‒ people usually have no idea what that might mean for their lives or their ability to retire. Today’s guest shows us that an effective and successful financial advisory practice must be based on demonstrating clear and measurable progress for clients.

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020: Why Online Meetings with Clients Are Better for Building Trust

November 07, 2018

More and more activities that previously took place in person are happening online these days. But is it possible to be an effective financial advisor and build strong relationships with clients online? Today’s guest believes that it is, and he has the experience to back that up. David Dyck is a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Investment Manager. He joins the podcast today to talk about working at the Canadian robo-advisor service WealthBar.

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