014: The Secret to (Profitably) Tackling Complex Financial Planning Situations

July 25, 2018

As a financial planner, you become accustomed to seeing certain types of financial situations over and over again. However, some clients have very complicated and singular financial situations that can prove challenging. For example, planning for elderly parents brings out unique challenges. Business owners often have more complex tax situations. Expats who retain investments in their home country may have a tangled investment situation. Today’s guest kno...

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013: Harnessing Technology to Bring Clients from Prospect to Policy

July 11, 2018

Insurance is an important part of financial planning and wealth planning. Technology can help insurance brokers more effectively bring useful products to their clients, which can in turn help those clients maintain and protect their wealth. Today’s guest understands how cutting-edge technology can help advisors streamline processes, manage tasks, and discover unexpected efficiencies. Most importantly, he recognizes the importance of maintaining a human to...

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012: Will Robo-Planners Replace Financial Planners

June 27, 2018

With 27 years of experience in the industry, today’s guest Rona Birenbaum explains the importance of technology in the financial services field, as well as how financial planners can stay relevant through all the changes. Rona is an honours graduate of York University’s Business School, a CFP, and an insurance advisor. In 2000, she founded Caring for Clients, a premier fee-only financial planning firm. In 2016, she started Viviplan, a low-cost, fee-...

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011: The Art and Science of Retirement Income Planning

June 13, 2018

Howard Dixon grew up in England and came to Canada as a W.H. Rhodes scholar in 1961. He holds a joint honours degree in physics and applied mathematics from the University of London, and he earned a Certificate of Education at Cambridge. He had a career in education before beginning his financial training as a rural agent for Mutual Life of Canada. He opened his own financial planning practice over 30 years ago in 1987, worked for two years as a senior financia...

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010: How to determine key assumptions when developing financial projections

May 30, 2018

John De Goey is a portfolio manager at Industrial Alliance Securities. He’s also an author and a recognized Canadian authority on the subject of professional, transparent, and evidence-based financial advice. John has received numerous awards for his contributions to the financial planning field, including the Donald J. Johnston Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s also been named one of the top 50 advisors in Canada by Wealth Professional magazine.

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